“The PQ changed the way I parent. I feel like I used to parent out of fear, but having a supportive mentor devoid of judgment makes it easy for me to trust the process of motherhood. The internet, old wives tales, and all the contradictory tips and tricks out there can be very disempowering.  Having a mentor at my fingertips gave me the confidence to mother my son the way I always hoped I could.”
~ Mommy M.Y.
“ My mentor was one of my daughter’s primary nurses while she was in the NICU and my go to for mommy advice! She helped me through my pumping and breastfeeding issues. Her medical and real world advice was my saving grace at times. I am forever grateful!”
~ Mommy H.B.
“My mentor told me about Dr. Polly Moore’s book called The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Program, which saved our lives! From the very first day of following the program our three month old slept through the night, didn’t fight his naps, and was a well rested and happier baby. Thank you PQ!!!”
~ Mommy T.C.
“ The journey of motherhood is both wonderful and challenging, with a host of emotions that consume us daily. About 2 years ago after the delivery of my son, I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole George. Not through mutual friends or at a fabulous party, but in the middle of a busy Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She was the nurse that was assigned to care for my son whom I had delivered early at 26 weeks old. As the mother of any new baby, there was excitement, but as the mother of a premature infant I was scared of the unknown. Nicole was kind and caring, she took the time to answer every question I had and gave me valuable information and guidance. For over 3 months, while my son was in the NICU, Nicole guided me on numerous aspects of motherhood. For instance, she gave me tips and advice on breastfeeding, including everything from good nutrition for me to the proper way to handle and store my breastmilk. Her constant words of encouragement and positive attitude helped me through many long days in the NICU.
Upon our departure from the NICU, Nicole became a family friend. She continued to help my family on our journey through parenthood. She guided us on things like sleep training to ensure our son had sufficient sleep daily. She also gave us tips to ensure proper temperature control in our son’s nursery and techniques for optimum crib safety. Over the years, Nicole has also been an advocate for activities that foster social development such as “Mommy and Me” play dates at the San Diego Zoo. This not only gives the kids the chance to learn about animals and their environment, it also provides the opportunity to interact with other children. We are so fortunate to have met Nicole and are grateful to have her in our lives. This is why we continue to support her dream of having The Parent Quest available to every family.”
~ Mommy S.H.
“As a first time mom, there were a lot of questions and uncertainties that motherhood brought up. The PQ was there every step of the way, from helpful tips on breastfeeding, starting solids, and how to get my daughter to sleep through the night. My mentor has been a wonderful mentor, she is full of useful information and if she doesn’t know the answer she will provide some general info that points me in the right direction. It’s wonderful to get advice from a mom who has been through the same challenges.”
~ Mommy L.A.