Digital Planner vs. Passion Planner

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Digital Planner vs. Paper Planner

Have you every heard of  The Passion Planner?  My first thought when I heard the name was, “Why the HECK would I want to schedule my “passion” nights with my husband?”.  I first heard about The Passion Planner from one of my close friends.  My interests were heightened and I visited The Passion Planner website that night.  Then a couple of days later I saw it being used by another dear friend at work.  When I asked her her opinion on The Passion Planner she simply stated, “Mind Blowing!”   After some clarification about its purpose and it getting rave reviews from friends, I quickly realized The Passion Planner could be the key to fixing all of my dislikes with my life right now.  At the very least it couldn’t hurt to try it.  Nothing else had worked…so why not!

I feel disorganized, scatter brained, forgetful, rushed, and frankly burned out and overwhelmed pretty much all of the time.  I work full time as a nurse, am a mom and a wife, and am the CEO and Founder of The Parent Quest Nonprofit.  {Just a little side note while I am on my soap box: We have to cook 100% of the time in my house because I have Celiac Disease and my daughter is allergic to milk.  This means NO eating out…ever!  So that makes me a chef too.  Although I am lucky it is only 50% of the time.  My husband picks up the other 50%….Ok I am glad I got that off my chest.}  The thought of possibly de-cluttering my thoughts, my home life, my work life, and the spaces in my home immediate sparked a flicker of hope in me.  Could this possibly be the ONE thing to fix everything…NAH!  Well, that’s what I was thinking at least.  There could NOT possibly be one thing as simple as this Passion Planner thing that could help me fix everything….and I mean EVERYTHING!  Really?  I just couldn’t seem to wrap my brain around one thing being so life changing.  Hahaha…can you tell I am pessimistic sometimes.

I decided to print this free paper version I received after sharing The Passion Planner on my Facebook page.  I was kind of overwhelmed when I opened the pdf… “196 pages…DANG! That is a lot of paper and ink to waste on something I don’t even know if I will like.”  So I decided I would only print out January and February.

The first page of The Passion Planner makes you do some exercises called Roadmapping.  It is a very insightful way to look at your goals for your life in different increments.  It has you look at life goals, 3 years goals, one year goals, and 3 months goals.  After completing the exercises I had a renewed outlook on life.  I was always living day to day, scrambling to complete each task on my calendar.  At the time, I didn’t realize everything wasn’t always on my calendar, so I was becoming more and more disorganized and scattered.

Since January 7th 2015, my Passion Planner has not left my side.  I can’t stop talking about it.  I am so much more happy.  My husband and I have completed projects at home we have wanted to do for years.  I am helping organize a faire at my daughter’s school.  I feel like my life means something now.  I can clearly see where I am going, what I am doing, and how I am doing it.

The question is digital planner vs. paper planners.  I was…key work is was…a diehard digital planner user.  I laughed at people still using paper.  I now use both paper and digital.  I feel digital planners have their place.  For example, certain things in my life have to be automatically on the calendar and repeat every year.  I don’t want my Passion Planner for birthdays, holidays, etc.  It is for mapping my life, projects, and goals out.

You can use The Passion Planner for anything you want and however you want.  At least give it a try.  I will warn you, it is so popular there is about a two month back order.  I had my husband order me one for my birthday and I hope to receive it in February.  I can’t wait, but until then I will be doing my paper version.  THANK YOU ANGELIA TRINIDAD for creating this amazing life changer for me.