Mission Statement

Welcome to The Parent Quest!

Vision: The Parent Quest is committed to supporting families while navigating through the obstacles of parenthood.

Mission: To enrich the parenting experience by strengthening familial bonds through the utilization of a team approach of experts to answer all parent questions.

Dear Members,

The Parent Quest is currently comprised of a team of professionals who all have different specialties. Our goal through this nonprofit organization is to help you through your Parent Quest. As parent questions arise during your journey through parenthood, we plan to be there for you. Please contact us should you have questions regarding:

  • sleep
  • nutrition
  • discipline
  • child behaviors
  • development
  • child birth
  • post partum
  • teenagers
  • autism
  • acupuncture
  • adoption
  • preterm labor
  • infertility
  • essential oils

Thank you for participating in our dream to help families navigate through the journey of parenthood. We appreciate you and your children and WELCOME YOU TO THE PARENT QUEST.


Nicole George
The Parent Quest