Board of Directors

The Parent Quest Board of Directors is comprised of 4 mothers, who have a collaborative desire to fulfill the mission and vision of The Parent Quest. The Parent Quest’s mission is to enrich the parenting experience by strengthening familial bonds through the utilization of a parent-to-parent mentoring relationship. The Parent Quest is committed to supporting families while navigating through the obstacles of parenthood. Through the good workings of this nonprofit organization the Board of Directors can help guide this organization to success. Because this nonprofit is strictly internet based, the Board of Directors main form of communication is via email, phone calls, and text messaging. The Board of Directors does meet quarterly in person for board meetings.


the-parent-quest-nicole-gNicole G.

Founder/CEO/Mentor, The Parent Quest

Nicole is the Founder/CEO of The Parent Quest Nonprofit Organization.  Nicole is happily married to her best friend of 14 years.  She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from San Diego State University and is a Registered Nurse in the state of California.  Nicole has been a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse for the past 11 years at a highly regarded women’s hospital in Southern California.  Over this span of time, Nicole has cared for many babies whose entrances into the world weren’t what their parents imagined or planned. This has lead Nicole on a long and fulfilling path of needing to help families during their unpredictable journey called parenthood.

Nicole began her Parent Quest in January of 2012 when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, at 41 weeks 6 days gestation. After experiencing 32 hours of labor with multiple complications, Nicole quickly realized her own need for a knowledgeable mentor.  She longed for the advice of another parent who had insight in to the challenges she would face in the future as a parent.  Nicole immediately sought out the advice of her best friend Jeannine, a mother of 3. Nicole was not shy about admitting how her 11 years caring for babies as a NICU nurse did not prepare her for trials and tribulations parenthood had in store for her family.

In early 2012, it was because of these experiences Nicole ultimately launched onto this amazing mission of starting the nonprofit organization called The Parent Quest.  Nicole was able to easily recruit other parents, who were also close friends, to join her in forming the core of the Parent Quest’s Board of Directors.  All of them come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, social classes, and family dynamics and all want to share their stories with parents in need. All who come in contact with The Parent Quest should feel the tireless dedication of its members to help them navigate through the obstacles of parenthood. It is Nicole’s dream that every parent have access to The Parent Quest whenever a “quest”ion arises in their parenting journey.


the-parent-quest-mentor-05Niki C.

Vice President/Donation Liaison/Mentor, The Parent Quest

Niki is the Assistant Supervisor at a year-round, before and after school program at a North San Diego County elementary school and first time mother of twin boys. The boys were born in the spring of 2012, at 26 weeks gestation with multiple complications, some of which had begun before birth. They had an extensive and harrowing 118 day NICU stay that began with the warning that her babies might not make it home.

During their NICU stay, Niki and her husband sought the knowledge and counsel of several of the doctors and nurses they had spent so much time along side, to help them gain the knowledge and insight needed to make the best decisions for their fragile newborns. It was during this time friendships were made and Niki’s desire to be there for others enduring similar life altering situations first began.

It was recently during the babies’ newest journey in life (therapy), Niki was contacted and asked to be a mentor for the wonderful organization known as The Parent Quest. She gladly accepted and looks forward to helping others and being there for them, the same way so many others were there for her!


the-parent-quest-angelaAngela L.

Executive Director/Mentor, The Parent Quest

Angela is the mother of one son born at full term in December 2011.  At 13 weeks gestation, Angela suffered a subchorionic hemorrhage which resulted in a blood clot between her placenta and uterine wall.  After several weeks on and off bedrest, the clot resolved and the pregnancy resulted in a healthy term newborn.

Angela most recently studied at California State University, San Marcos where she received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  She currently works as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse in San Diego County.

Her passion as a mother and years of working with newborns has paved the way for her desire to mentor others.  Angela believes that a strong support system is essential to becoming the best parent you can be.


Stacy S.the-parent-quest-mentor-03

Treasurer/Mentor, The Parent Quest

Stacy was born and raised in Wyoming and received her B.S. in Nursing from The University of Wyoming. She began her career working as an oncology nurse and later moved to Denver where she pursued her passion working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at a top ranked teaching hospital for eight years.  Stacy and her husband Greg moved to San Diego five years ago; she currently works in the NICU of a highly regarded women’s hospital caring for fragile infants and their families. Stacy thrives on helping others and making unexpected, stressful situations in the NICU into a positive experiences.  While she loves her work in the NICU, Stacy is lucky to also be able to spend most days enjoying and caring for her own children.

Stacy and Greg have two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. Stacy was blessed to have an OB that believed in natural childbirth and empowered her to gain more knowledge to make that a reality. Stacy and her husband completed a hypno-birthing class with their first pregnancy and were empowered to think that having a non medicated childbirth was very possible.  During her second pregnancy, Stacy incorporated acupuncture to help prepare her mind and body.  Although Stacy’s pregnancies were different in many ways, they were both healthy and she welcomed both of her children into this world naturally and non-medicated.  Stacy realizes that birth plans are not always a reality and complications may arise that change your plan in an instant, but she feels that knowledge is power.  The human body and mind are very powerful. Stacy believes that The Parent Quest can be a powerful, additional support for all the parents and their individual experiences.


***If you have a desire to volunteer for the Board of Directors please contact The Parent Quest today. You may be placed on a waiting list depending on if a seat is open or not.