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bixie-logoBASIC_COLORSay what now? Yep, I said Bixie Books. This is a very cool concept founded by Ms. Tara Bohnert.

IMG_5679Today’s blog is about a very special service. The signing up was super easy. I signed up online at<>. I chose the package I wanted, filled out my personal information, and then provided my credit card for billing.  Within a few days I received this WONDERFUL package addressed to my daughter.

She was so excited. New books in a beautiful box. How cool is that?
IMG_5682We got to keep them for an entire month and then we returned them. A prepaid shipping label was provided and we just used the same box it came in. This experience has been wonderful.

IMG_5680Ms. Tara has really created a wonderful business to increase the love for reading in our children.

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                                      FROM BIXIE BOOKS:
How it works: For only $25 per month, members receive a package of four+ age-appropriate books to explore for 30 days. At the end of the month, members simply return the books using the same box and the enclosed prepaid postage label. If a family falls in love with a book in the package, they can keep it for an additional low charge of $10.
Why it’s awesome: All of our books are high quality hardcover storybooks and include everything from popular classics to new favorites, and even a few lesser known gems. They come and go right from your doorstep (no more inconvenient trips to the library to return books that are already overdue), and because we know how much kids love getting mail each Bixie Box is artfully packaged and addressed to the child.
And a few more details just in case:
*QUALITY – All our books are hard back, beautiful storybooks that include popular classics, new favorites along with some lesser known goodies.
*CONVENIENT – I have been a working mom and I know how busy the day gets.  Extra errands picking up or dropping off books just didn’t work.  Bixie delivers right to the door and book return is as easy as setting a package out on the door mat.
*MAGIC – Children love getting mail, so we take the time to artfully package each box and address it to the child.
*CLEAN – We wipe down every book before mailing to ensure a germ free story time, at least on our end.
*SIMPLE – Memberships can be started or stopped anytime by logging back into your account or emailing Bixie.Here is some more information about Bixie Books…

Our Story: Any parent knows the drill. You’ve finally got your little one winding down at the end of the day. Pajamas are on and teeth have been brushed. It’s time for the bedtime story.

Reading to your child before bed is a magical time. It’s peaceful and allows even us parents to unwind a bit after a long day at the office. But that enthusiasm can dampen when you’re reading the same book night after night.

In our house, that book was Chase’s beloved Pout Pout Fish. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a great book. But even the most gripping story gets stale on the hundredth read… and we were well past that count.

So, we routinely bought books to refresh the collection. After a while, that meant bulging book shelves, boxes in the garage and other hiding places around the house. And at $20 or more a pop, it adds up on your credit card too.

That’s where the idea for Bixie started. Let’s share books with our friends, rather than buy and store over and over again.

We hope you enjoy sharing our library with your little ones!

Our Inspiration: There is nothing better than a book that makes your child smile, laugh and dream.